Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've finished adding names and information from the two Ellingwood genealogy
books to my ancestry family tree and then following up by adding people born
after the books were published back in the 1970's. I now have  5152 descendants
of my 8x great grandparents Ralph Ellinwood/Ellingwood and Elenor Lyn on my
Ancestry tree. Time to move on to another lines of descent.

One of the two Ellingwood genealogies I am using is Florence O'Connor's The
Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Freeman  Ellingwood and Florilla (Dunham)
Ellingwood. Most of the book is on the Ellingwoods but there are sections on
the Dunhams and other families. I'd already entered some of the Dunhams and
decided to continue with more from the book.

Now Florilla Dunham's grandfather, James Donham/Dunham, was one of the eleven
children of John Donham/ Dunham and Mary Thomas of Carver, Ma., eight of whom,
men and women, migrated up to the  Bethel,  Oxford County, Maine area.

I was working on the line of one of James' brothers, Thomas. My routine is to enter
the information from the book on my tree, then look for any documents
to confirm it. If I find the information from the book is wrong, I change it. Thomas
and his descendants kept the Donham spelling of the family name, and two generations
later his grandson George Donham ended up in Rockland, Ma. In fact back then,
Rockland was part of  Abington, where I live! I thought it was another case of someone coming down from Maine to work in one of the local shoe factories, but the Federal
Censuses fold me that George was actually a dentist, and apparently quite sucessful at
it. To top it off, George Donham, his wife and two of his children are buried at Mt.Vernon Cemetery where my parents and other Dunham cousins are interred.

I'll go further into all this in the next post. 

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