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Nathaniel Barker lived another six years after successfully filing for his War
of 1812 pension money. At some point between 1870 and 1878 he and his
wife Huldah (Hastings) Barker moved back to Albany, Maine to live with their
son Nathaniel S. Barker.   They lived there for six more years until Nathaniel
passed away on 12 April 1884. Sadly, it was the second death in the family
within a month as their son Nathaniel S. had died on 20March 1884.

A few weeks later Hulda hired a lawyer who on April 28th requested whatever
forms were needed for her to receive Nathaniel's pension as his widow. I'm
not sure if this document is one of those forms or not, because even though
it says "Survivor's Brief" it has a date May23 1878 on the other side. So it coud
be for a survivor of the war rather than for a  survivor of the deceased veteran.

Claim No. 31.469                    Service Pension,               Original Case
Act of March 9th 1878             War of 1812.                      Reopened from
Cert. No. 22.168                                                                    Act of~~~~~~
                                                  SURVIVOR'S  BRIEF
Claimant: Nathaniel Barker                              Rank: Private
Post Office: Bethel                                              Captain:Wheeler
County:       Oxford                                              Regiment: Militia
State:           Maine                                                State:Massachusetts (Maine)
Attorneys: (?) Weeks and Blanchard                 P.O. :  Augusta
County: Kennebec       State: Maine  Fee: $10.00      Contract: ~~~~~~
Application Filed: April 8th, 1878

                                 Enlisted about September 14th, 1814 and served the full  
Alleged Service { (14) fourteen days under Capt. Wm. Wheeler -enlisted at 
                                Newry Maine  and served at Portland.

Record Evidence  3rd Auditor's report of July 21, `52, shows in the B. L Case,
of Service            {that Nathanl  Barker served in Capt. Wheeler's  Company
                               from Sept. 24th, to November 6th 1814.

Parol Evidence
of service

Length of service:   Forty-three -43-days

                                John F. Hapgood and Robbins Brown identifying witnesses 
Proof of Identity{ and the similarity of signatures in the claims for Bounty Land
and Pension.

Disability of       Shown as per paragraph(3rd) third of general circulars that
Applicant          {the applicant is physically unable to appear before a court 
                             of record, twenty miles distant from his residence.

Admitted May 21st, 1878, to a pension of EIGHT DOLLARS per month 
from March 9th, 1878, the date of the act under which this pension is allowed.
No pension previously applied for
                                                                                                   W.F. Eaton
                                                                                             Pension Searcher
A Bounty Land Claim 45459 -120 -55                              J. McGorran
                                                                                      Bounty Land Searcher 
Approval May 23. 1878                                                     Daniel W. Atwood
   A.P. Leech                                                                               Examiner

Whether this was Hulda's paperwork or not is a moot point. She died herself a
little over a month and a half after Nathaniel on 7Jun 1884 in Albany, Maine.

This concludes the series on Nathaniel Barker's War of 1812 Pension and Land
Bounty Grants. However, the death of his son Nathaniel S. Barker has some
consequences which I'll discuss next.

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