Monday, October 29, 2012


There's still a few weeks left before the November 18th deadline
for submissions to Fourth Annual Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge

Once again, these are the rules:

1. Find a poem by a local poet, famous or obscure, from the region
one of your ancestors lived in. It can be about an historical event, a
legend, a person, or even about some place (like a river)or a local
animal. It can even be a poem you or one of your ancestors have written!
Or if you prefer, post the lyrics of a song or a link to a video
of someone performing the song.

2. Post the poem or song to your blog (remembering to cite the source
where you found it.)

3.Tell us how the subject of the poem or song relates to your ancestor's
home or life.

4.Submit your post's link here to me by midnight Sunday November 18th 
and I'll publish all links to the entries on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd!

If  you submit a humorous poem or song that will be entered under the
"Willy Puckerbrush" division. Willy was the late geneablogger Terry
Thornton's alias for some humorous posts and comments.

I've already gotten some great submissions. It's not too late for you to
join them!


John said...

I'm happy to see you are continuing the tradition, I enjoy participating each year.

I hereby submit the following post to the Willy Puckerbrush division if the judge(s) feel the humor worthy.

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Bill,

I am submitting my poem for your 4th Poetry Challenge. Many thanks.

Grant Davis said...

Will look forward to the poems on Thanksgiving. Thank you for the link.