Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last year marked the 150 anniversary of the start of the American Civil War,
and to honor the occasion I held "The American Civil War Genealogy Blog
Challenge." At that time I intended to issue the challenge every April until
2015 since the Civil War lasted five years (1861-1865).  Then I realized that
this year the 1940 Federal Census was going to be released in April and
a lot of people, including myself, would be busy  indexing. I decided to
delay the announcement of the second installment of the Challenge.  But
we're nearing the end of the second month since the Census release, the
indexing is speeding along, and I've decided this is as good a time as any.


Did you have ancestors in America during the Civil War? If so, where were
they and what were their circumstances? How did the Civil War affect them
and their family? Did the men enlist and did they perish in battle or die of
illness? On which side did they fight, or did you have relatives fighting on
BOTH sides? How did the women left at home cope, or did any of them find
ways to help the war effort? Were your ancestors living as slaves on Southern
plantations and if so when were they freed, or were they freemen who
enlisted to fight? Did any ancestor take part in a battle that took place in

Write a blogpost on these questions, or, if you think of another topic to do
with your family history and the Civil War, write about that. Send me the link
after you publish it on your blog by August, and on August 8th I'll publish all
the links here.

That gives everyone most of the summer to research and write(or maybe visit
a Civil War location connected somehow to the family). Have fun with it and
I look forward to reading what everyone writes! 


Cousin Russ said...


Here is one reply to your Challenge.

Thank you,


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Darn, I'm going to miss this one since we are leaving for Spain to see Vincent's parents. I'll have to read the posts later! Thanks for hosting the challenge

Kristin said...

I had planned to do one last year but somehow didn't. I'm so glad I'll have the chance again this year.

Ed Hamilton said...

Thank you for suggesting the topic, here is my submission:

Unknown said...

Bill, Here's my post:


Unknown said...

Bill, Here's my post: