Thursday, May 03, 2012


Today is the 344th anniversary of my 8x great grandparents Rev,
James Keith and  Susanna Edson  of West Bridgewater, Ma.  I
decided to celebrate by finally tracking down the location of
their tomb. Imagine how chagrined I was to find I'd visited the
Old Burying Ground in West Bridgewater last year and hadn't
found it there back then!  So I was bound and determined to
locate it today.

When I arrived at the cemetery on South St there was some
roadwork being done and I had to drive past it, then turn
around and drive back to find a safe parking spot on that side
of the street. Then I walked back to where there was an entrance
through the stone wall. From pictures I'd seen online I thought
the grave would be a large vault which is probably why I
missed it on my first visit.(That, and the fact that there is no
sign with the name "Old Burial Ground"  there which on my
first visit made me think I had gone to the wrong location. Duh!)
Since then I've seen many family tombs which are under small
mounds so I knew better what to look for this time around.
And there it was, at the front of the cemetery behind the stone
wall, right next to the street. I'd have seen it earlier if the
view hadn't been blocked by the construction truck.

The inscriptions read:

Here lies the                                          Here lies the
body of the Rev.                                     body of Mrs          
Mr. James Keith                                    Susanna Keith
Died July 23, 1719                               Died Oct. 16 1705
Aged 76 years                                        Aged 65 years

                                  Mr. James Keith  
                       First Minister in Bridgewater
                    Educated in Aberdeen Scotland
                   and laboured in the Ministry in this
                                       town 56 years

Just to the left of the Keiths' tomb is the one belonging to Susanna's
parents(and my 9xgreat grandparents) Samuel Edson and  Susannah

So, mission accomplished!
Happy Anniversary, James and Susanna!

I know I wouldn't be here without you!


Anonymous said...

am downline from james/susanna about 9X. am trying to find if james was in salem between 1662 and 1664 ; susanna was born in salem in 1640 and one source says they moved to duxbury in 1651; he and james received shares 55 and 56 from plymouth founders for duxbury and her dad was deacon for james

Footsteps In Time said...

My Husband is also a descendant of James Keith and Susanna Edson. Small world! It was a pleasure meeting you today at the Nevins Library in Methuen. Love reading your blog. Going to start on mine today! Have a great day!