Sunday, January 08, 2012


I'm still working my way back on the Ellingwood family tree, trying to fill in
the blank spaces by a combination of searches on Ancestry, FamilySearch
and Google. Presently I'm researching the siblings of my 4x great grandfather
John Ellingwood. His father Joseph had been married twice and John had
an older half-brother, Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood.(This was one of the older
spellings of the last name and it seems at this point in our branch of the that
it varied from sibling to sibling.) I know from both Florence O'Connor's and
Ralph Ellinwood's books on the family that Benjamin Tuck had eventually
moved out to Ohio with three of his sons.

Now my ancestor John had been one of eleven children by Joseph Ellingwood's
seconf wife. Of those, there were four that neither Ellingwood book had any
information for other than the date of birth. Reasoning that since their older
half-brother had migrated out to Ohio I started looking out in that direction.
I Googled "Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood"  and one of the hists was this book by
N.A. Gard:

Our Ellenwood clan: ancestors and descendants of our Revolutionary War soldier
ancestor, Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood, who came to Washington County, Ohio,

1811, also his half-brother Daniel Ellenwood, here 1795, and Daniel's sister,
Martha Ellenwood, and her husband, Sherebiah Fletcher, here before 1800, 
and some allied families

Both Daniel and Martha had been two of the siblings for whom I was looking for
information.  Heck, that title alone gave me a lot  even if is an out of print book
and presently unavailable from Amazon and Abe Books.  It is listed in the NEHGS
collection so I'll have to get in there to see it. Great motivation for the trip,eh?

But because of that stroke of genealogical serendipity I've been adding Fletcher
cousins to my family tree the last few nights and can start on Daniel next!

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Bonnie said...

Be sure to check Find A Grave for Washington County Ohio. You will find Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood's stone as well as many Ellenwood family members and maybe some good clues. Have fun!