Sunday, June 05, 2011


My grandmother Agnes McFarland

My paternal 2x greatgrandparents Amos H Barker and Betsey Jane Moore and family

My grandfather Floyd E West Sr
I repost these pictures in response to the picture that the LA Weekly website used
to illustrate a calendar event notice on the upcoming 42nd annual Southern
California Genealogical Society Jamboree. Someone at LA Weekly thought it
would be funny to use a photo of two special needs kids with the caption:
"Inbreeding: Still thinking about your hot cousin?".

I sent LA Weekly the following email:

Sir or Ma'am
I find the graphic used in conjunction with your event page for the 42 Annual
Genealogy Convention highly offensive, not only to genealogists
but to special needs children as well. I don't know what infantile
wit thought this was funny but they need a serious attitude readjustment.
Shame on you all.

Bill West 

You can view the page in question here, and if you find it as vile and
offensive as I do, please let the editor of the LA Weekly know by sending
an email to 


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

I also sent them a comment. Hopefully more folks will do the same.

Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

Thanks for the link to the newspaper. I sent them a comment as well.

Linda Gartz said...

Hi Bill,
That would have been heartless 40 years ago. We're supposed to know better now. I went to the site, but it seems the offending photo has been removed. I sent a comment anyway so they know more people are offended. Thanks for alerting us. I'm also enjoying your photos.