Monday, June 13, 2011


So here's the answer to my "Two Truths and a Lie" for Randy Seaver's
"Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" at Genea-Musings.

#3   I had a relative drowned at sea. TRUE
My 9x great grandfather Stephen Greenleaf drowned on1Dec 1690 near
Cape Breton  while returning from the Phipps Expedition against Quebec. I
blogged about it here exactly two years ago on 11Jun 2009.

#2  I had a relative killed in an earthquake. TRUE
My 7x great granduncle Ralph Houghton died during the sinking of Port
Royal, Jamaica harbor in 1692. His wife escaped by clinging to a trunk of clothes.
You can read about it here in New-England historical and genealogical register, 
Volume 19 page 122.

#1 I had a relative wounded at the Battle of Concord, Ma. LIE
While I had many ancestors and relatives respond to the alarm that April
morning in 1775, none of them were wounded at Lexington, or Concord, Ma!

Ironically, Randy was the only person with the correct answer.
Thanks Randy for a fun SNGF challenge!

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DianaR said...

So you suckered us all into picking the earthquake one - good for you! Remind me not to play poker with you ;-)