Friday, June 17, 2011


For the past few years many of us on the east coast and New England have
have wistfully read about the SCGS Jamboree and especially the gathering
of our fellow geneabloggers. Many of us can never make the trip out to
Southern California so we read about Jamboree with lust in our hearts.
Why, oh why, couldn't there be something like that meeting of bloggers
closer to home?

Then Barbara Poole asked whether anyone was interested in a New England
genealblogger get-together. Heather WIlkinson Rojo answered with another
question: "Why not?" and volunteered to host everyone.

So on Saturday, August 27th she is hosting the 1st Annual New England
Geneabloggers Bash in Londonderry, It'll start at 12 noon, run until 6pm, and
will be an informal picnic/cookout style event. Geneabloggers living in New England
or who research in New England are invited to attend and bring along some
family tradition picnic food.

You can find more information as it develops at the New England Geneabloggers
Bash page on Facebook, and on this and other blogs.

Lucie Leblanc Consentino did a great job designing the logo for the event using a
photo Barbara Poole had of a typical New England scene. Feel free to grab it to
display on your blog.(please remember to credit it to them if you do). Thanks Lucie
and Barbara.

So watch out, geneablogger world! The New Englanders are coming!


Sheri said...

Shall I send you a parrot?

DianaR said...

That's great - hope there will be some great (not to mention mildly embarrassing) pictures shared with the rest of us. Just remember - we showed you ours ;-)

Becky Jamison said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some good photo coverage of this bash!

Susan Petersen said...

This is a great idea! I expect to see pics of Bill West and Barbara Poole wearing hula skirts on their heads!

Taneya said...

oh how fun! y'all enjoy your day of camaraderie. share pics!

Family Curator said...

Ditto on the photo ops! We will count on all of you for full reports!