Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's Saturday night and time for another Saturday Night
Genealogy challenge by Randy Seaver at his Genea-Musings

1) Go to the website and explore
their FREE offerings. Click on the "Create" button,
or choose to make a slideshow or posters from their
main page (there are more than one screen of poster

2) Make one or more posters or other creation -
perhaps they relate to genealogy or your own family
history. Save them to your computer (right click,
Save as Picture for Windows users).

3) Show your creations to us... in your own blog
post, on a Facebook post, etc. If you make a really
neat one and want to show it to the world but don't
have a way to do it, send it to me (
and I'll show it off for you in a blog post.

I liked Randy's "wanted poster" so I did one of my own,
an old photo of my great grandfather Philip J. West with
my cousin Stanley and grandfather Floyd E. West Sr..

Here's the result:

This was fun! Thanks Randy!

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Great family poster!