Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is my birthday and I was wondering which of my ancestors were
also born on August 20th. So I went into PAF and ran a daily calendar
report which gave me 8 names.Then I used the relationship calculator
to tell me our exact relationships. Among them is my 9x great
grandfather, the argumentative Capt. William Gerrish. You can read my
posts about him by clicking on my "Table of Contents" tab at the top of
the page, and then on "Gerrish William". 

So here's my list:

Diantha West, 20Aug 1859 Andover, Oxford, Me. My first cousin
3x removed.

Caroline Ames, 20Aug 1839, Canton, Oxford, Me. My 3x great

Deborah Butterfield, 20Aug 1687, Chelmsford Middlesex, Ma. My 7x
great grandaunt.

John Spaulding, 20Aug 1682, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Ma. My 6x
great grandfather.

Joseph Buswell 20Aug 1674 Topsfield, Essex, Ma. My 7x great
grand uncle.

Lydia Colborne, 20Aug 1666, place unknown. My 7x great grandaunt.

Sarah Howard, 20Aug 1648, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ma. My 7x
great grandmother.

William Gerrish, 20Aug 1617, Bristol, England.  My 9x great

 How about you? Do you know which ancestors share your birthday?

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Nancy said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you and to your ancestors. What a fun thing to do. I don't have any ancestors born on my birthday that I know of, but then I've found only back to 4 generations and not for whole families - yet. I think it's a good thing to remember ancestors' birthdays. Fun post.