Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm afraid my road trip this week was even less successful than
last week's inaugural trip. I returned to the Bridgewaters once
more, starting with a visit to the cemetery right next to my alma
mater, Bridgewater State College. The campus has certainly
grown since my graduation back in 1970 and it recently was
renamed Bridgewater State University. But the old graveyard
remains untouched and as I drove by I recalled sitting on the
stone wall there talking with my friends. 

Unfortunately, that was as close as I got to it today. I drove
around the campus twice looking for a parking space that
wasn't in a tow zone but couldn't find one. I thought I could
get a space in the town center and walk back down from there
but even those were taken at least on the side of the square
closest to the campus. Well, duh! It's late August and between
Summer classes and the arrival of students for the Fall semester,
of course there's a lot of cars around. I decided to come back
on a Sunday and headed out of Bridgewater west on Rte 28
towards West Bridgewater and the cemetery I could not find
last Thursday.

Along the way I passed the Par 3 golf course where I spent
some afternoons back in my college days. My friends Lee
Melanson, Ed Silvia, and Ed Hands and I used to play there on
days when we had several hours between classes and it
amazes me that the place is still there over forty years
later. I think I'm going to make a trip down there soon
just to play a round for old times' sake.

I continued on  in search of my target and here, dear
readers, I discovered I have not inherited my Dad's sense
of direction. He would look at a map, trace the route with
his finger, and then off we'd go, with an occasional stop
for another look at the map. 99% of the time we'd arrive
at the destination without any problems. And in most cases
when Dad drove someplace once he remembered the route
without looking at a map again.

As for me, I drove up and down South St without finding the
particular graveyard I was seeking. I did eventually hit Rte
104 and found the Scotland Cemetery but didn't stop there
this week because it was now after 4pm and I wanted to
get home and eat an early dinner before the Patriots-Rams
game on tv. I'm beginning to think that if I'm going to
do more of these genealogical day trips, I might have to
purchase one of those GPS thingy's with the snooty female
voices to tell me exactly where I should go.

So, no pictures this week. But it was a beautiful day, I
enjoyed the ride, and I got out of the apartment and away
from Leonard the Computer for a few hours.   


Marian Pierre-Louis said...

Me, I overcompensate. I print out a mapquest, look at the aerial view and use my GPS! LOL! I hate getting lost!

Carol said...

Don't want to discourage you, but, if you keep trying, you will find that cemetery. It took me like 4 trips to find one in Baldwin County Georgia.

We used maps, Streets and Trips, Map Quest, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Google Earth, and drove around. Trouble was, it was mismarked on all the map programs, just a few blocks, but, made all the difference.

But, I did find it, and I photographed every single headstone!

We had a blast finding it, took friends one day, we laughed and had a great time of it, even tho that was No hit day! LOL

Enjoy the next ride out there Bill.