Monday, July 12, 2010


There's a meme going around the blogging universe that Thomas
MacEntee introduced into the geneablogging community which
asks the musical question, "What do you use in doing what you  
do?" The what in this case is the technology and tools we use
in our genealogical research.

Here, for what it's worth, is my list:

* Hardware: Toshiba Satellite L455 -S5975 laptop. 223GB of which
   I've only used 40 so far, Intel Celron 900, 2gb DDR2 RAM, 250GB
   HDD. (I have no idea what anything other that the 223GB means) .
   I also have a separate floppy disk drive.

* External storage: umm..2 flashdrives at 2GB each which I'm
   going    to replace with larger ones soon, plus numerous CDs,
   DVDs and yes, floppy disks!

* Online storage: None yet

* Backup: See External Storage.

* Firewall: Norton Internet Security

* Virus protection: See firewall

* Spyware: see firewall

* File cleaner: none

* Printer
: HP Officejet 5610 All in One (Printer, Copier, Scanner,

* Phone: cell, one landline.

* Mobile media: None

* Music player
: cassette player. One cd player, one
  stereo set (cd, cassette, and radio) and one portable radio/dual
  cassette player

* Car audio: Am/Fm/Casette player. Standard GM issue.

* eBook Reader: None as yet.

* Browser: Firefox

* Blog: Blogger with a backup "mirror site" on Wordpress

* RSS: Google Reader and Feedburner

* FTP:  The racer's edge..oh wait, that's STP. None.

* Text editor: Notepad or Wordpad. I use both.

* Graphics: none.

* Screen capture: Snipping Tool. Still learning how to use it.

* Social media: Facebook, Maine Genealogy Network  
* Social bookmarking: Nope.

* Social profile: Nope

* URL shortener:

* Office suite: Microsoft Works. It was free. it came with the computer.
   And it was free

* E-mail: Gmail and Yahoo

* Calendar: The one on my cell phone.

* Accounting: Nope.

* PDF generator: Nothing yet, but I'm looking into it.

* Genealogy database: PAF, RM4, and Rootsweb.
   Call me Mr.Insecurity.

* Genealogy tools: My wit, charm, and devilish good looks.
   Ok, make that wit and charm...

* Other tech stuff: None at the moment!


Kathy said...

"Wit, charm and devilish good looks" .. good for you! And I too like when anything is free!

Judy said...

Loved this post! I will move on from this page with a big happy grin on my face. Thanks!