Saturday, July 10, 2010


Lori Thornton sent this along from Pat Oxley. I realize Knoxville,
Tennessee is not in New England, but helping kids learn about
their family history is a subject that we all should support!

"For Immediate Release
July 7, 2010
KNOXVILLE–If your kids are looking for something fun and unique
to do this summer, an upcoming free genealogy camp may be just the
answer. The FamilySearch Kids Camp will be held on Saturday, August
21, 9 a.m. to noon, at the Knoxville Convention Center in conjunction
with the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ national conference.
This free event requires advanced registration.

The FamilySearch Kids Camp helps young people develop an
appreciation for their family history and better understand why it is
important to know about one’s ancestors. The Camp is geared to
youth 10 to 14 years of age.

The event will involve a variety of activities, including several designed
to help Boy Scouts earn their Genealogy Merit Badge. Kids will learn
how to  interview relatives and document families in their family tree.
There will be interactive workshops on the importance of gathering
records and keeping journals. and participants will use computers to
find information about their ancestors.

“We are excited to offer this fun, educational opportunity to youth in
the Knoxville area,” Federation of Genealogical Societies President,
Pat Oxley, said.  “Kids are naturally inquisitive and love the personal
discoveries that can come from the camp’s activities. It is a fabulous
opportunity for the youth of that area.”

Lisa Oakley, the Curator of Education for the East Tennessee
Historical Society, says the Kids Camp is a unique event.

“The East Tennessee Historical Society recognizes the importance
of children connecting with their past, and I can't think of a better
way to do that than for kids to learn how to collect and understand
their family history, which becomes critical to remembering your
roots in the future,” Oakley said.

 “Everyone has ancestors and it is incredibly rewarding to learn about
them,” said Cherie Bush of FamilySearch, who is organizing the
Genealogy Kids Camp. “Knowing more about where you come from
can help both kids and adults better understand themselves.”

Oakley plans to bring her own daughter to the Kids Camp.

“I am excited for her to learn the steps for collecting her family history
in an age appropriate and productive way,” Oakley said. “After all,
when mom or dad tries to tell them how do something, it is always
looked at as being not quite correct. To have FamilySearch provide
this workshop, I know she will hang on every word. I will look
forward to working together on our family tree!”

The FamilySearch Kids Camp event is free, but participants need to
register in advance. To register, please e-mail
with names and contact information.  For more information, please
visit "

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