Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm trying to take my after dinner walks at least four times a week,
on my two days off and the days when I get out of work at 6pm.
That way I can cook and eat dinner and be out walking by around
8pm. The other three days I get out at 7pm, and whether I walk
depends on how long it takes to make dinner.

Tonight I started around 8pm. The weather was perfect, very
comfortable and surprisingly the mosquitoes haven't made an
appearance as yet. There were even fewer cars than usual tonight
and I made pretty good time, except for my stop to take some
pictures of the baby bunny who let me get within 4 feet of him.
I made it down to the turn and back in about a half hour but I'm
more interested in building up endurance than setting a land
speed record here.

I don't take a radio or music player with me. It's nice just to
walk and hear nothing but birds, crickets, and the train whistle
off in the distance. Over than the rabbits and the occasional
passing car there was no one else around which was nice, too.
When I got back here I sat outside on the patio for a bit. One
the neighbors upstairs across the way was sitting outside
smoking and the only other thing moving was the very large
rabbit I named Thumper grazing on the other side of the
meadow. I sat out there for a good half hour and relaxed.

Once, long long ago, when I was a kid, I'd sit out on the
porch on a summer afternoon or early evening and read
while I waited for the ice cream man to come around. Or
I'd lay on my bed in my room with the windows open and
read there while listening to the Red Sox game. Kids back
then didn't have all the electronic distractions they have now
and I think we had more "quiet time" as well.

Anyway, I'm enjoying these quiet afternoons reading on my
patio and the after dinner walks. And tomorrow night I'm
going to see if there's enough light out there to read in the
evening as well.

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Midge Frazel said...

You can get a little battery operated book light.