Thursday, November 12, 2009


Some of you might have noticed I'd been absent from the internet for the
past week. This was because Elaine the Computer seems to have finally
gone belly up last early Wednesday morning. Her predecessor, a laptop
named Kramer (aka Sparky due an incident involving his power cord),
balked at going online so it's taken me awhile to get back here.

So what did I do to keep myself occupied while offline? Well I read some
books(non-genealogy related) and watched some tv. But I did get a lot
done on that database of ancestral death dates, and on the timeline of
my family's involvement in the New England Indian Wars.

And I worked on putting hole reinforcements on the family group sheets
in three 3-ring loose leaf notebooks. All three books now suffer from
unsightly "reinforcements bulge" but those sheets won't rip and fall out!

It'll take me a day to get back into my blogging routine and recall what it
was I wanted to blog about next before Elaine crashed, but at least I'm
back online!

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Miriam said...

Welcome back!