Thursday, November 19, 2009


The 84th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is out and up over at
Jasia's Creative Gene blog. The topic this time was "what the CoG
means to me and there's quite a selection of entries that I am going
to enjoy reading!

There's also the call for submissions to the next edition which will be
the 85th CoG!

Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the COG is:
“Orphans and Orphans.” The first type of orphan refers to those ancestors
or relatives who lost their parents when they were young. The second type
of orphan would be those siblings or cousins of our ancestors whom we think
of as “reverse orphans.” They are the relatives who, for whatever reason –
death at a young age, never having married or had children, or having
children who did not survive to provide descendants – have no direct
descendants of their own, so it falls to us, their collateral relatives, to learn
and write their story. Greta will be the host this time around (thank you
Greta!). The deadline for submissions is December 1st.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy
using our carnival submission form. Please use a descriptive phrase in the
title of any articles you plan to submit and/or write a brief description/
introduction to your articles in the "comment" box of the blog carnival
submission form. This will give readers an idea of what you've written
about and hopefully interest them in clicking on your link. Past posts
and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

If you haven't taken part in the Carnival of Genealogy yet, give it a try!
It's a great way to introduce yourself to the geneablogger community!

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