Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay, it's an hour late but here's my response to Randy Seaver's
"Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" for this week at Genea-Musings.
This week's challenge involves music:

"1. What is your all-time favorite song? Yep, number 1. It's hard
to choose sometimes. If you made your favorite all-time Top 40
music selections, what would be #1?

2. Tell us about it. Why is it a favorite? Do you have special
memories attached to this song?

3. Write your own blog post about it, or make a comment on this
post or on the Facebook entry."

I listed some of my all time favorites before here and after reviewing
that list, I have to say my all time favorite is "Good Lovin'" by the
Rascals. I know, not one of the top groups, but there's something about
that song that when I hear it I want to start tapping my feet. If I'm
driving, and it's warm weather, my driverside window is down and when
that song comes on, my arm is out the window rapping the beat out
on the car door or roof. If it's winter, I'm tapping the steering wheel as
I'm driving.

And the car radio volume is up.

And I'm singing along. Badly.

But "Good Lovin' " just does that to me, even at 61.

It makes me smile. And that's why I have to say it's my all time


T.K. said...

Never too old to rock 'n' roll, Bill!

Susi's Quarter said...

Bill at least it is a song I recognize. So much good music and lyrics have come and gone. I do believe the younger group now has some good songs coming out also. I found a Christian Rap song that amazed me but alas I can not remember the name. I did not know they had such a critter. Sometimes we just have to get past the medium to hear the crying of our youth.

Bill West said...
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Bill West said...

Thanks for the comments, T.K.
and Susi! I could write about
rock and music all day if
they'd let me.