Thursday, September 10, 2009


Alright, after an absence of a few weeks I'm back online. To say I missed
the Internet is an understatement. Browsing the Web for stories about
my ancestors has become a nightly routine for me and I missed it. I did
manage to compensate for it a little by entering information on my Barker
line into PAF and then a little Ellingwood as well. There's still more work to be
done on each should I hit a dry spell.

I had to do a little belt tightening and I'm now using dialup once again so
things load a bit slower. But it's better than nothing and it lets me do what
I like to do, which is researching and writing about my ancestors.

I'll be posting a story about the Roger Haskell children and their inheritance
in the next day or so.


DianaR said...

Welcome back to the digital world -we missed you!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Welcome back Bill! It is amazing how much we miss Internet access when we travel or are without for awhile no?

Bill West said...

Thanks, Thomas and Diana!

Greta Koehl said...

Welcome back, Bill. Glad to see your writing again.