Monday, February 23, 2009


Randy Seaver over at Genea-musings has a weekly feature called Saturday Night
Fun. This past Saturday it was "Who's Number 21?" Because the date was Feb. 21st,
Randy asked us which of our ancestors was number 21 on our Ahnentafel list. Now
that would be one of our eight great great grandmothers, and in my case, she would be
Elizabeth Coburn (or Colburn). Unfortunately, she belongs to a branch of my
family where I know somethings about when but not a lot about where.

Elizabeth was born in Oxford County, Maine, possibly in the town of Newry, on 10
Aug, 1842 to Wesley(Westley) Coburn and Lucinda Stow. She is often referred to
as Lucy Elizabeth Coburn so it's possible her first name was actually Lucinda,perhaps
after her mother. She was the youngest of four children. She married Nathaniel
S. Barker, the son of Nathaniel Barker and Huldah Hastings. I don't have a date of
marriage as yet but it would have to be sometime before 1862 when Elizabeth's
oldest daughter Huldah Barker was born.

Nathaniel S. Barker died in 1884, but Elizabeth lived on another twenty years, dying
on 15 Nov 1904 in Bethel, Maine where she was living with her son, my great
grandfather Frank W. Barker.

Not much information compared to some of my other ancestors but more than I have for
John Cutter West!


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