Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've had a very interesting few weeks thanks to my online genealogy research!
I'm going to discuss them in the order in which they happened, but I won't give
full names unless or until I have these folks permission.

The first contact was from a collector of items related to the history of Groton.
He has documents and items related to my Prescott ancestors and as soon as
I have talked with him and have his permission to talk about those, I'll have more
to tell you about that.

The second was from Lori Grippo, a cousin from my Ellingwood line who is a
direct descendant of my ancestors Asa Freeman Ellingwood and his wife Florilla
Dunham. Lori publishes the newsletters and brochures that are given out at the
yearly Ellingwood Family Reunion and I will give the information for that in my
next post. She included some Ellingwood Family links in her email and last night
while following them I discovered a picture of Asa and Florilla that I'd never seen

Way back when I first started blogging, I mentioned how a nice lady named Gayle Nee
had helped me with some information about my White Family. The other day I got an
e-mail from her saying she had found my blog and my mention of her. Gayle was one
of the first folks that gave me a helping hand and I've tried to follow her (and others')
example by sharing what I've found with others. Thanks again, Gayle!

And finally, just last night I was contacted on Facebook by a fellow descendant
of John Cutter West. He's descended from Leonidas West, the younger brother of
my ancestor Jonathan Phelps West. We've already shared some files today!

So once again genealogy blogging and networking have brought me in touch with
relatives and other great people!


Tex said...

Congrats on the good finds! Isn't it amazing what turns up due to our blogs? I heard from a man in the Netherlands who responded to my post about my great-uncle's parachuting out of his plane in WWII. Here's to more good luck based on our blogging efforts!

Apple said...

Do I hear bricks tumbling? :-)


Congratulations! It always amazes me how far a blog can reach.

Greta Koehl said...

Just had to comment - I noticed in your post you did what originally gave the name to my blog: you called it your "bog" :-). And I agree, there are so may ways blogging helps our research.

Bill West said...

Thanks for the comments, Tex, Apple,
Terry and Greta!

I'm afraid no brickwalls are tumblin, Apple. My cousin has run
up against the John Cutter West brickwall as well.

And I fixed that "bog",Greta!