Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, it's that time of year again! It's the Carnival of Genealogy's Second
Annual iGene Awards, when geneabloggers choose the best posts from
their blogs for 2008 in five categories. This took me longer than I thought
it would because I had 214 posts last year and I found myself going through
them with a critical eye as to the writing. Alas, this left me no time to come
up with a comedy routine or a medley of song parodies about each winner
such as the ones Billy Crystal used to do for the Oscars.

But here, at last, are my award winners.

Best Picture goes to the postcard photo of my grandfather Floyd E West Sr.
in his World War 1 uniform. My Aunt Dorothy gave me this
during our visit last August.

Best Screenplay is awarded to the Pursuit of David Robbins series. I'd cast
Harrison Ford as Sheriff Lewis Loomis, Liam Neeson as David
Robbins, and perhaps Tobey Maguire as young Daniel Ellingwood.

Best Documentary for 2008 goes to the Levi Ames series about his trial and
execution. I almost gave this Best Screenplay but I couldn't come
up with an actor that I could "see" as Levi.

Best Biography winner is the autobiographical Granduncle Clarence Remembers
series. You can't beat a firsthand account, and it's a good fit with the
previous year's memories from my Aunt Dorothy.

Best Comedy has to be A Flutaphone Lullabye which concluded the epic search for
49 Genealogical Uses for a Flutaphone, a quest given me by Janice
Brown of Cow Hampshire. (Janice, we miss you!). Click on the
flutaphones label at the end of the post to see all 49 uses, if you dare!

And that concludes this year's West in New England iGene Awards. Goodnight,
and Good Luck!

Written for the 66th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.


Jennifer said...

I liked them all!

Bill West said...

Thank you, Jennifer!