Sunday, January 11, 2009


Is there a program out there that does a timeline for an
entire family tree or for a select period? I know some like
Family Tree Legends have timeline reports for individuals.

This question came to mind because I was thinking about
my ancestors during the American Revolution and the
earlier King Philip's War period and I want to have a
some sort of way to keep track of who was doing what
when and where.

Or do I need to do it the old fashioned way with index cards?


Lisa said...

Hi Bill -

Family Tree Maker has a timeline feature that might fit your needs. I have an older version (FTM 2006) which allows you to select individuals and create a timeline of their life (or lives) which also includes historical events (you choose from a list of subjects including specific continents, religions, politics, the arts, military economics, etc.)

The timeline feature may have even been improved in future versions. I'm not sure.

Hope this information helps.


Bill West said...

Thanks Lisa,
It sounds good, but does it do it for a group of people as well as an individual? For example, if I wanted
to do a timeline of what both Simon Willard and John Prescott were doing during a specific year?