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Miriam over at Ancestories has proposed that those of us with
brickwall ancestors write a detailed post on them with what
we know, what we want to know, results of what we have searched
and where we think we should research next. So here's my first,
John Cutter West. I've used the format Miriam suggested but I'm
breaking this into two parts because of the length:

Name: John Cutter West
What I want to Know: His place of birth and the names of his parents.
Known Information:

Born 8 Oct 1802 in Plymouth, Ma. (But no record of his birth has yet
been found there by myself or by other descendants searching for it.)

Married Arvilla Ames 23 Sept 1827 in the town of Sumner, Oxford,
Maine. (I have a copy of the marriage certificate from the town clerk but
there is no information on it about his parentage)

1830 Census, Canton, Oxford, Maine. He appears as head of household
with following notations on family:
1 male under age 5 (oldest son, Asa Atwood West, born in 1830)
1 male of 10 and under 15 years of age (person not known)
1 male of 20 and under 30 years of age.(John would have been 28.)
1 female under age 5 (daughter Ann Matilda West was born in 1828.)
1 female of 20 and under 30 years of age (wife Arvilla Ames West was 20.)

1837 Special Federal Census. Township Letter B, Oxford County, Maine. Head of
household with following notations on the family:
2 persons under 4 years old (probably Jonathan Phelps and Vienna Ames West)
3 persons between 4 and 21 years old (Ann Matilda, Asa Atwood and John West )
3 persons over 21 years old (John ,his wife Arvilla and an unknown person)

1840 Federal Census Township Letter B, Oxford County, Maine.
Head of household
with following notations on family:
2 males under 5 years old (Hiram Ferdinand West and unknown)
2 males between 5 and 10 years old (John West and Jonathan Phelps West)
2 males between 10 and 15 years old( Asa Atwood West and unknown)
1 male between 40 and 50 years old (John Cutter West?)
1 female under fiver years old (Vienna Ames West)
1 female between 10 and 15 years old (Ann Matilda West)
1 female between 40 and 50 years old (Arvilla Ames West)

1850 Federal Census for Township Letter B, Oxford County, Maine.
Head of Household, Age 47,
Occupation blacksmith
"value of real estate owned" $800. Born in Massachusetts.
Household includes:
Arvilla West, age 40
Asa A. West, age 20, occupation farmer.
John C. West Jr., age 18, occupation farmer.
Jonathan P. West , age 16, occupation farmer.
Viana (sic) West, age 14
Hiram F. West,. age 12
Clarinda B. West, age 9
Arvilla A, West, age 6
Leonidas West , age 3

1860 Federal Census, Upton(Formerly Letter B), Oxford County, Maine
Head of Household, age 57, occupation farmer & blacksmith,
"value of real estate" $1000.
"personal estate," $500.
Household includes:
Arabella (sic) West age 50
Jonathan West age 26

Clarinda West, age 19
Hiram F. West, age 21
Arabella (sic) E. West, age 16
Leander(sic) West, age 12
Ruth E West, age 9 (listed as idiot)
David P West, age 6
Orpha Reynolds, age 19

Died 24 Jul 1862 . Death recorded in West Family Bible.

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Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...

Christ, what is it about Wests named John, anyway? ;-D

I got one tied to one of my ancestors who is part of the many mysteries this woman presents me. ;-D

My John West was Husband #1.

She liked the Married State so much that she got hitched 4 more times after HIM, and my blood line is the 2nd husband AFTER him. ;-D

She outlived all her husbands, and almost all her kids. ;-D

Mary Hesson (1872-1957, B in IN., Died in KY.)

Married John West (B 1871? D 1893?)

They got hitched Aug. 2, 1891, in Warrick County, Indiana.

Their only Child, Margaret, was B Dec. 18, 1893, D Dec. 11, 1938, as Margaret Jewell, in Owensboro, KY.

Here's the mystery: Mary married her next husband, Elijiah Melvin Skelton, on Nov. 11, 1893, in IN, a month before Margaret was born!

Mary & Elijah got divorced by 1898. ;-D

Did John die, or was there a divorce for some reason?

Anyway, Johns parents:

William West (B Sept. 30, 1816 in VA. - D after 1880)

Catherine Hall (B Abt. 1826 in TN. - D after 1880)

They married March 28, 1844, in Warrick Co. IN., and had 5 boys, and 6 girls between 1845 & 1871.