Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hmm. Summer! Warm days and cool nights, and family
cookouts and picnics.

What food does your family serve at picnics? Are there
traditional foods or family recipes? Is there one particular
relative's specialty you wish you could taste again or one
perfect picnic day you wish you could go back and relive?

I know what my answers are and I'll post them in a future
article and I thought I'd invite my fellow genealogy bloggers to
participate as well. If you decide to come along, post your
article to your own blog and send me the link and I'll include
it with my post here. I had a lot of fun reading the responses
to the Geneablogger Parade so I'm hoping there are some
folks interested in a Geneablogger's Picnic!

The deadline is August 1st and I'll post the responses a few
days later before I go off on vacation.

And don't forget to bring some potato salad!


Colleen said...

Well I can't wait. I have the perfect group of pictures!

Miriam Robbins said...

Bill, I've encouraged the readers of my AnceStories2 blog to write for the picnic, too!

Bill West said...

Looking forward to those pictures and
the memories.

Thanks for the mention and I know your post will be a great read as well!


Jessica's thoughts said...

Hi Bill,

Here is the link to my post:


Thomas MacEntee said...

Hey Bill - a great meme as we enter the dog days of summer.

Here is my post which I will send via email to you as well: