Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just a couple of notes whilst waiting for sleepiness:

First, congratulations to footnoteMaven on the write-up on
her Shades of the Departed blog in the latest issue of
Internet Genealogy magazine. It was very complimentary
to her and to contributors Jasia, George Geder and
Craig Manson. Way to go, ftM!

Secondly, has anyone else had their Norton security software
suddenly block access to Eastman's Genealogy Blog? This
happened yesterday when I was doing my usual genealogy
blog browsing and I thought it might have been something
I was doing wrong at the time. But I just tried to view the site
again and once more had it blocked. I won't go into the details
here but I had to ask to see if anyone else is having the
same trouble. Email me if you have any idea what this is all


wendy said...

I don't have any problem getting into Eastman's.

Bill West said...

Hi Wendy,
Neither do I now. Apparently there
was some widget that Norton's didn't
feel was secure and it blocked the site, I checked again late last night
and now I'm able to get in.

Go figure. *shrug*

Thanks for responding!


footnoteMaven said...


Just saw Internet Genealogy today!

Thank you so much for the heads up and the mention.