Friday, March 14, 2008


Recently some of the genealogy bloggers such as Randy and
ftM have been listing three regrets they might have from
their genealogy research. Here are mine and I think you’ll
notice that mine match most of the others:

1. I wish I’d started researching my family earlier. If I had,
I’d have perhaps had the foresight and chance to talk
with older relatives about their memories of the family.

2. I’d wish I’d been a bit more organized when I did start.
I’m still trying to get citations and sources right for the
information I already had while dealing with the large
amount of new information I’ve gotten recently.

3. I wish I’d thought to take more interest in American
History when I was in college. A better knowledge of
the events of the time would be a help in understanding
my ancestors’ lives.

Hmm. A genealogist’s triad of regrets?

Three regrets of a genealogist: lack of foresight,
lack of organization, and lack of knowledge.

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