Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and that you
aren’t celebrating the day after with a green tinge to your face
due to making one too many toasts to Ireland and her blessed

And a good way to keep your Irish spirits up is a reading of
the St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Posts edition of the
Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture over at the Small-Leaved
. Lisa’s done a great job as usual and there’s a lot of
good writing to enjoy, so go on over and check it out.

While your at it, you might consider submitting an article to the
next CIH&C. :

The 5th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture
honor the beauty of the Irish language with a focus on
Irish Gaelic
names and words.

Has the charm of the name of a place in Ireland always
called t
o you to visit someday?

As a child did you secretly wish you had the Irish name of
a great-grandparent instead of the name you were born with?

Do you have a story to tell about someone with an Irish surname?

Is there an Irish proverb that you have always loved to let
slide off of your tongue in its original language?

Join us for the 5th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage
& Culture. The only prerequisite is that your post must tie
in with our focus on the Irish Gaelic language.
Posts for this edition of the carnival are due April 27.
Submit your entries here. The carnival will be posted at
A light that shines again on St. Ciarán's Day, April 30.
(Well, one of the St. Ciarán's days - there are actually 14
in the calendar of Irish saints. Now there's one popular
Irish Gaelic name!)

So dust up your Gaelic and send in a post to the Carnival!

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