Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The 44th Carnival of Genealogy is up at Jasia’s Creative Gene
and in celebration of National Women’s Month the theme was
the remarkable women in our ancestry or women we have
known who have had an effect on our lives. There are 32
writers with a great selection of 34 articles and that means
plenty of good reading. Go over and follow the links
to meet some remarkable ladies.

And the topic for the next CoG is on the Great American
Love Affair:

" The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy
will be:
Cars as stars! Next to purchasing a house, a "new
set of wheels" was
the next most significant purchase for
many families. What car played
a starring roll in your
family history and what roll did it play? Did
your family
build cars or tinker with them? Did they take "Sunday

drives"? What was your first car? Was there a hangout
that you f
requented in your car? How far back can you
document your
family's automotive genealogy? Tell us
your car stories... front seat
or back! ;-) Vroom, Vroom!
The deadline for submissions is April 1st."

How about it? Do you have a car story? Submit it here.

And once again, a fantastic job by Jasia in assembling the CoG!

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Jasia said...

Thanks for getting the word out Bill! I appreciate it!