Monday, December 31, 2018


2018 was not my best year as far as my genealogy plans are concerned. I started out lagging in my blog writing and spent most of this last month trying to catch up on the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks series. (Luckily I finished it yesterday). I didn't do any roqad trips or photo requests for Find A Grave. Part of that is due to car trouble, and the rest to a lack of ambition. This last Spetember was the low point with only three blogposts for the entire month.

1.Continue adding more of my ancestors siblings and their lines to my database.

This is one of the things I did get accomplished this year.

2. Get off my butt and actually visit the places my ancstors lived and are buried here in Massachusetts. I didn't do any road trips in 2017. Getting out of my apartment oncethe weather turns warm is better for my health, too.

Failed. My car was in need of repairs this summer so I didn't make any road trips. And afterwards I just didn't have the ambition to get out for long drive.

3.This year I'm  going to set a more praactical goal for my blogging: to reach at least 200 posts in this blog and to post anything, anything at all, in my Graveyard Rabbits  blog.

Failed. This has been my least productive year of blogging. I won't even make 150 posts here this year and I only posted once or twice on the Gaveyard Rabbit blog.
4. Take and post more photos for Find A Grave. Another way toi get me off my butt and out of the apartment.

Nope, didn't do it.

5. Continue to stay organized:  Keep putting images  I download into  the folder they belong in immediately,

This is another one of the few plans I follwed through on.

6. Transcribe more of the wills and probate files I've downloaded already.

I did do some of this as well.

7. Find and download the wills and probate files of female ancestors.

Nope, failed.

8.  Keep working  on  the timeline for my ancestors who were involved in the Colonial New England Indian wars, including those who were captured.


9. Go back and finish the series about the "Hot Mess" probate file of ancestor Nathaniel Stowe which I forgot to finish in May 2015. (Probably because it's such a "hot mess").

Big fail. Didn't even look at the file.

10. Write more  about my ancestor Gov. John Endecott. I keep pushing it aside, I think, because he did somethings that were nasty.

Another fail.

11.Keep having fun with genealogy!
While there were many things I didn't accomplish this year, I did still have fun doing what little I did. 

And I hope to do better this coming year.

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Linda Stufflebean said...

The nice thing about genealogy is that if we didn't get to the ancestors this year, they will still be there waiting to be found next year. Happy New Year!