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My 5x great grandfather John Dunham is also my 2nd cousin 7x removed. This is because his mother, Mary Smith, was the granddaughter of our common ancestor Ralph Ellingwood Jr. John married Mary Thomas, the daughter of John Thomas and Abigail Dunham on 17Oct 1755 in Marshfield, Ma. She was John's third cousin.

John was made the administator of the estate when his father Ebenezer died but his siblings were not happy with his performance:

Plymouth  Co.- To Mr. John Donham of carver in ye County aforesaid administrator on the
 estate of Ebenezer Donham late of Plymouth in said county yeo-
-man deceased

Whereas complaints on this day made to me on behalf of the Heirs
of the aforesaid Ebenezer deceased, that you unreqasonably neglect to
settle your final acount of administration to the great damage of
the heirs aforesaid___-you are therefore hereby cited to appear
before me at a Court of Probabte to be holden at the Probate
office in Plymouth aforesaid on Saturday next (at ten of the clock
in ye forenoon) being ye 31st day of this present month then & there
to make answer to said Complaints- Given under my hand at Plymouth
aforesaid March 27th 1772.
Joshua Thomas Judge Prob.

To the Sheriff of the County of Plymouth or to either of his deputies
or to either of the Constables of the Town of Carver aforesaid who is
directed to serve the citation & make Return thereof. 

Plymouth County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1686-1881 Case6836 Image 16

The probate file doesn't say how the matter was settled but in June three men were appointed to divide up Ebenezer Dunham's real  estate among his heirs.

One of the things I did learn though was that while John was a farmer, two of his brothers were cod fishermen in Plymouth.

The children of John and Mary (Thomas) Dunham were:
Moses, born Jan. 23, 1757
Mary, born Dec. 15, 1758
Salome, born April 12, 1762
John, born Nov. 16, 1764
Thomas, born Oct. 2, 1766
Elizabeth, born Dec. 25, 1768
Abigail, born April 20, 1771
Caleb, born March 9, 1773
James, born May 25, 1775
Job, born April 20, 1777
Calvin, born April 11, 1781

Five of the children,  including my 4x great grandfather James Dunham, moved to Maine

John died on 30 Apr 1814 in Carver, Ma. and is buried there in Wenham Cemetery

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