Sunday, November 19, 2017


I received a comment to my last call for the Great Genealogy Poetry Challenge last week from poet Duane Hermann. He sent me "Two poems about my ancestral village in Bavaria, published in 2005 in Prairies of Possibilities, a collection of poems of mine".

I enjoyed reading them very much.


My grandfather
never missed
the hills of Franken,
He never walked the streets
of Reckendorf,
his family “hometown,”
He would have been amazed
to see the things
his father took for granted.
He did not learn,
“Gross Gott,”
as the proper greeting,
Nor did he plow
the family fields
of Bayern.
He lived
a continent away
and never knew his family.
A grandson went,
a century after,
to find the home and people;
His heart leapt
and wept for joy
in reunion.
Deutscher und Amerikaner:
alles ein Famalia –
It’s been so long…


The little shrine by the way
with a history no one knows –
“It’s been there forever,”
like the mountains.
The land is dotted
with these little shrines,
Markers of devotion
and symbols of their faith.
They add a richness to the land,
a reminder to us now:
This land you see
is more than dirt and trees,
It embraces the souls
past more than we will know;
people lived and died and prayed
as some day you will too:
Continue on your day –
beyond this mortal life.


June Butka said...

It makes you want to walk the lands of our ancestors.

Linda Stufflebean said...

Visiting my paternal grandparents' Slovakian villages is on my bucket list. It just might happen next summer. :) You are lucky to have walked in their footsteps and your poems are wonderful tributes.

Nancy said...

Such hauntingly beautiful poems. Thanks so much for posting them for Duane and sharing them with us.