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My 6x great grandfather Ephraim Abbott lived an uneventful life as a miller in Andover, Ma. Here's a description of his family in an article "The Abbot Genealogy" from the Essex Antiquarian Magazine:.

EPHRAIM ABBOT4, born in Andover in 1710.. He was a miller, and resided in Andover. He married Hannah Phelps Feb. 14, 1734; and died April 24, 1745. His wife survived him. 

Children, born in Andover:—
 278—i. HANNAH5. b. Dec. 26, 1734; d., unmarried, Nov. 17, 1798.
279--ii    MEHITABLE5, b. Aug. 11, 1736; m. Jonathan Abbot (384).
280--iii   SARAH5, b. Nov. 18, 1737; lived with Hon. Samuel Phillips, carrying on his farm; and died, unmarried, March 20, 1831, aged ninety-three, having been blind for several years before her death.
281--iv   EPHRAIM5, b. June 22, 1739; d. Nov. I9, 1739.
282--v    RHODA5, b. June 22, 1741; m. Jacob Holt March 22, 1764; and d. Jan. —, 1820.
283--vi   EPHRAIM5, b. May 8, 1742; was a miller, and lived on his father's homestead; m., first, Lydia Poor Oct. 27, 1774. She d. July 3, 1788, aged thirty-six; and he m., second, widow Sarah Safford of Salem Oct. 4, 1789. He d. April 23, 1809; and his wife, Sarah, survived him, and d. Oct. 29, 1812.
284--    ABIEL5, b. April 12, 1745; m. Benjamin Walker Aug. 4, 1763, and d. May -, 1795.

-p61 "The Abbott Genealogy"
The Essex Antiquarian: An Illustrated ... Magazine Devoted to the Biography, Genealogy, History and Antiquities of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 1, The Essex Antiquarian,  Salem Ma.1897

My great grandparents  Philip John West and Clara Ellingwood were both descendants of Henry Phelps and 6x cousins.

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