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Mary (Woodbury) Herrick's immigrant ancestor was my 9x great grandfather John Woodbury. Like Roger Conant, he was one of the colonists who first settled at Cape Ann but then moved to join John Endecott at Salem. Ma.

Here's  what William Richard Cutter has to say about John Woodbury:

John Woodbury, the American planter, was born in England of a family whose ancestors are traced to the time of the conquest about the middle of the eleventh century, soon after which heads of families began to take permanent surnames. He came to this country from Somersetshire. England, about 1624-25, in the interest of the Dorchester company of planters, which only a short time before had founded a settlement on Cape Ann, and in 1630 removed to that part of Salem which now is the city of Beverly and settled in the locality which ever since has been known as Woodbury's Point. However, in 1627, he had been called back to England by the Dorchester company "to confer as to the future of the settlement", remained there about half a year, then returned and resumed his former relations with the planters. He was made freeman in 1630, served as deputy to the general court from 1635 to 1638, and from 1637 to the time of his death was one of the selectmen of the town. Among the inhabitants he was called "father" Woodbury, not perhaps on account of his age, but rather by reason of his prominence, usefulness in public and town affairs and the general intelligence he seemed to possess. He owned a considerable estate in lands, which after his death was divided among his heirs, for his will was not proved and recorded. Of his wife little is known, except that her name was Agnes, that she was born in England and that she and her husband were among the original members of the First Church of Salem at its formation in 1629. John and Agnes Woodbury had children: 1. Humphrey, born in 1609-10, was called a fisherman; married Elizabeth , and had ten children,one of whom, Peter, was killed by the Indians. 2. John, called "Senior", married Elizabeth , who survived him and after his death married Captain John Dodge, his second wife. John and Elizabeth Woodbury had five children. 3. Hannah, baptized in the First Church, Salem, December 23, 1636, married, April 6, 1658, Cornelius Baker, who died September 1, 1714. They had eleven children. 4. Abigail, baptized November 12, 1637, married John Hill. 5. Peter, baptized September 19, 1640 (see forward).pp1469-1470

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 3 Lewis historical Publishing Company, New York, New York,   1908

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