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My 3x great grandfather John Ellingwood Jr was born at Bethel, Me. on 12 Jun 1798.  He married Rachel Barrows there sometime around 1719 and after the birth of their first child the couple moved to Paulsburg, NH.(now Milan). Florence O' Connor wrote in her book that the journey had to have been done by river on a barge or cross-country on ox-drawn carts or by horse since there were no roads yet between Bethel and Paulsburg.

John was a farmer in an area known as Milan Hill and in 1822 his second child Isaac was the first white child born in that area. John also was a Deacon of the Methodist church.

John and Rachel had six children, at least five of whom survived to adulthood:
Hester Ann  b.27 Apr 1820 at Bethel Me.,  m. Edward Fifield.
Isaac Harris b.20 Apr 1822 at Milan NH.,  m. Columbia Briggs
John Wesley b. May 1824 at Milan NH.,   m. Mariah Flint
Jacob  b .1826  at Milan NH., 
Asa Freeman  b.  4 Apr 1828 at Milan NH.,   m. Florilla Dunham
Oscar Phipps b.1831 at Milan NH.,  m.Ann Andrews

A fire in 1886 burned most of the early records at the Lancaster County Courthouse so not many documents can be found about John and his family. One that has is the list of voters for 1825. It includes John Ellingwood, his brother Daniel Ellingwood, his brother-in-law Asa Barrows, and Moses Robbins who was married to Rachel Barrows' sister Hannah Barrows.

I wonder if Moses was related to David Robbins the criminal?

Rachel ( Barrows) Ellingwood died in Milan, NH  sometime after the birth of her child Oscar and John followed three years later. If there was a probate file or a will from ohn it was destroyed in that courthouse fire. The children were divided among the relatives: Hester and Isaac went to Bethel Me. ; Asa and Oscar went to live with their aunt Polly (Barrows)Curtis and her husband  Morton.

Florence O 'Coonor's book The Ancestors and Descendants of Asa Freeman Ellingwood and Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood  was the source of the information in this blogpost.


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