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So I've decided that my ancestor Ebenezer Ellingwood moved his family from Beverly, Ma.
to Souhegan West (now Amherst) NH some time in the summer of 1741. But he still owned
some property back in Beverly, which he disposed of in November 1743 by selling it to another
Ebenezer Ellingwood.  Here's an image of the land sale. It starts on the bottom of the left hand
page and continues on the top of the right. 

"Massachusetts Land Records, 1620-1986," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Essex > image 589 of 596; county courthouses and offices, Massachusetts.

Here's my transcription; the (?) denotes something I couldn't decipher:.
Ebenezer Ellinwood & (?) to Ebenr Ellinwood recd on Record Nov. 18th: 1743

Know all Men by these Presents that We Ebenezer Ellinwood
of Souhegan West No.3 of the Naraganset Townships so Called in the
County of Essex in the Province of ye Mass Bay in ye New England
Bricklayer and Sarah the Wife of said Ebenezer for and in Consideration
of the sum of Two Hundred and fifty to us in hand paid &
at the delivery hereof by Ebenezer Ellinwood of Beverly in the
County of Essex in the Province aforesaid Mariner have granted & Sold
and Do by these Presents give grant Sell Alien Assign Setover & confirm
to him ye said Ebenezer Ellinwood Mariner his Heirs & assigns forever a Certain
(?) lying in said Beverly situate near ye Ferry consisting
of an House  & about a Quarter of an Acre of Land be it more or less

Bounded Southerly at lowwater mark by the River Water by
by Land of ye Heirs of ye Ralph Ellinwoodof sd Beverly Deceased
Northerly by ye Highway Easterly by ye Way leading to ye Ferry
Also the Well pertaining to said House together withye Way
leading to it To have & To Hold said granted Premises with
all their appertenances clear of all Encumbrances to him ye said
Ebenezer Ellinwood Mariner his Heirs  & assigns forever and we
ye said Ebenezer Ellinwood Bricklayer & Sarah Ellinwood for
our selves our Heirs Exttors & admrs do by these Presents Covenant
& Engage the above (?) Premises Forever to Warrant secure
& defend to him the said Ebenezer Elllinwood Mariner his Heirs
Exettors Admttors & assigns against all  Lawful Claimers whatsoever
InWitness whereof we do hereunto set our hands & seals this ninth
Day of Sept: Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & forty
one annoque Regnis Georgis Secundi Magnee Brittania ye
Regis Decimo Quinto
Sign'd Sealed & Dd
Ebenezer Ellinwood & a Seal
Sarah Ellinwood & a Seal

in presence of
Jno Chipman Junr
Andrew Burleigh Junr
Wm Tuck
William Ellingwood

Recd Beverly Sept: 9th 1741 of ye within mentioned
Ebenr Ellinwood Mariner ye within mentioned
consideration by us Ebenezer Ellinwood

(?) Novr. 9th 1741 Ebenr Ellinwood own'd
this to be his act & Deed
before me John Higginson J Peace

(?) Novr: 18th 1743 Sarah Ellinwood own'd this to be her free act
before me John Higginson Just. of ye Peace

A few points:
-Ebenezer had signed the documents in September, but his wife Sarah didn't until November,
I wonder if she had to go to Beverly to sign or if she did that at Souhegan West, and why did it
it take her two months to sign?

-The designation in the land sale of Souhegan West as one of the Naragansett Townships. I
suspect mont people might not know what that might mean in an ancestor's land records, that
their ancestor was a veteran of the Great Swamp Fight in King Philip's War.

-Who was 'Ebenezer Ellinwood the Mariner"? There were three Ebenezers in the family living
 at the time of the landsale: my ancestor, his son Ebenezer Jr, and a nephew Ebenezer. The nephew
 was the son of William Ellingwood, and one of the witnesses to the sale was "William Ellingwood",
 so I believe "Ebenezer the Mariner" was the nephew. 

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