Friday, September 23, 2016


Back in July I received an email from FamilySearch telling me Pioneer Ancestors, by which they
meant Mormon pioneers. There was a link directing me to a webpage where I discovered 15 names
and the pioneer companies in which they journeyed west. I meant to do a blogpost about them back
in July, but then my old laptop began to die and the blogpost was forgotten while I purchased and
set up my new notebook computer.  

The other day I was going through older emails and found that pioneers email once more. Strictly
speaking, these 15 people are distant cousins. I recognized some familiar family names (Abbott, Bartlett,
Willard and York) but the rest are unfamiliar. None of them were already in my database, Still, it's
interesting to find out I have Mormon relatives.

Here's the list. Are any of them your relatives too, or did your ancestors travel west in the same companies? 

Brigham Young Company
Clarissa Alger 1830–1907
John Alger 1820–1897
Fanny Cummings 1835–1908

Daniel Spencer/Ira Eldredge Company
Benjamin Franklin Cummings 1821–1899
Alva Cummings  1832–1917
Rufus Abbott 1784–1879

William Snow/Joseph Young Company
Asa Bartlett York 1832–1920
Julia Ann York 1833–1931
Martha Eliza York 1849–1931
William Aaron Carter 1848–1926

Philip De La Mare Company
Alonzo Harrington LeBaron 1818–1891

John Wood Company
Ezra Carter Chase 1833–1903

James W. Cummings Company
James Willard Cummings 1819–1883

George A. Smith/Dan Jones Company
Martha Ann Appleby 1834–1855

Company Unknown
Samuel Brown 1801–1882

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