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As I've said previously, I'm descended from three of John Moore Jr.'s children.

Lydia  is my 7x great grandmother through my Stow and Coburn lines, both of which I've discussed
as part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks series.

Jonathan Moore is my 8x great grandfather through my Houghton ancestry, which I'll discuss in the

And John Moore 3rd is my 7x great grandfather through my Moore and Barker lines .

I found this entry for John 3rd in an article in Volume 57 of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, titled SOME DESCENDANTS OF JOHN MOORE OF   SUDBURY, MASS.
by Ethel Stanwood Bolton:

6. John* Moore (John,1 John1) was bom in Lancaster, Apr. 7, 1662.
He married first, Aug. 23, 1683, Mary, daughter of Job and Mary Whitcomb of Lancaster; and married second, in Concord, Jan. 1, 1697-8, Hasadiah, daughter of Jonas and Lydia Fairbank of Lan
caster. He was a large land owner in Lancaster, but during the later years of his life he deeded this land to his sons, and moved to Bolton, where he died in 1740. In 1732, he deeded fifty acres of
the south part of his farm to his eldest son John, in " Consideration of What Labour he hath Done on a piece of Land which I have Given to my Son Joshua Moor." This labor was building a house
and barn. He also gave him eighty acres at Wadaquadock Hill (Worcester Co. Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 143). The same year, he deeded land to his "Second son ffairbank Moor " (Worcester Co. Deeds, Vol. 7,
p. 366). His estate was administered by John Moor, Jr., and was valued at £624: 6: 6. This was divided between the widow Hasadiah, and the two daughters Hasadiah, wife of Andrew Mcllwain,
and Lydia, wife of Samuel Gibbs (Worcester Co. Probate, 41411).

 Children, perhaps all by second wife:
23. 1. John.*
28. 11. Fairbank.
34. 111. Joshua.
Iv. Hasadiah, m. Andrew Mcllwain.
v. Lydia, m. Apr. 6, 1732, Samuel Gibbs.
vl. Martha, who is given as a daughter of John Moore on the authority of Mansfield's History of the Kathan Family; m. Capt. John    Kathan of Dummerston, Vt., about 1727; d. In Dummerston, Sept. 22, 1766, aged about 62 years.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 57  Published by the Society, Boston Massachusetts 1903

It's interesting that John 3rd's first wife was Mary Whitcomb. There were many ties between the two families.

I'll briefly discuss John 3rd's probate file in another post.

To be continued.

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