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My 8x great grandfather Joshua Fisher 3rd was known as "Captain Joshua" to keep from any confusion with his father "Lt. Joshua."

Here's what Philip A. Fisher wrote about him: 

13. Joshua4, son of Lieut. Joshua (6), of Dedham, born there Jan. 9, 1651, and died Jan. 26, 1708-9. He was made a freeman, May 8, 1678. Mentioned in records as lieutenant Jan. 1, 1678-9; afterwards was a captain of militia; inherited the Fisher Tavern in Dedham, for account of which see under Joshua (28) and Deborah (137). He m. Esther, dau. of Elder John and Margaret (Smith) Wiswall, who was b. June 7, 1654, probably at Dorchester, and died between April, 1710, and April, 1711. Joshua received pay for services in King Philip's war from Feb. 29 to Dec. 10, 1675. Dedham "granted liberty to Joshua Fisher to take so much of the Towne timber as with the old may rebuild his brew House : and also a lean to:" Dec. 15, 1679. He was chosen " to repair the pounde for this present yeare and to keepe it," Aug. 10, 1693, May 9, 1694, May 18, 1695, and May 11, 1696. An inventory of his estate, made Feb. 17, 1708-9, appraises his property as follows: Household goods and farm utensils, £102 10. 6; the houses and lands and orchards at home, £200; several parcels of outlands and spinning wheels, £6$ 9. An agreement was entered into by the heirs, April 21, 1709, in which the widow Esther was given '' one half the housing and lands of the deceased, called the homestead lying in Dedham & one third of the tract of land wch abuts upon the Elders Causeway (so called) and one acre & a halfe of wood land at the place call'd the Clapboard Trees. And it is agreed by and between all the party's to these presents, That Joshua Fisher and John Fisher shall have ye other moiety of ye housing and lands call'd the Homestead", they agreeing to pay to the four daughters, namely: Esther, wife of Daniel Fisher, Sarah, wife of Samuel Fuller, Mary and Anna Fisher., their respective single portions of £61 11. 5.

The will of widow Esther, made April 22, 1710, was filed for probate at Boston, April 18, 1711; she gave to son Joshua "my Candlebox and all my pewter measures both for bear and wine. Item. To my son John Fisher I give what sum or sums of money shall be due unto me from this Town of Dedham at my decease upon Account of my Entertainment of the Selectmen of this place whilst upon Town affairs Together with one cow if I shall have any." Her personal property to four daughters ; Mary and Anna Executrixes. The will of daughter Anna was made July 5, 1711 ; entered for probate by John Fisher, Sept. 20, 1711; gives personal property to brothers Joshua and John, sisters Hester Fisher, Sarah Fuller and Mary Deane; to brother John's wife Mary; to his maid Rebekah Woodcock; and "to my Aunt Deane my biggest brim'd pewter bason". Children b. in Dedham were:

8. Joshua5, b. Feb. 4, 1674-5; m. Hannah Fuller about 1695. 

Esther5, b. April 17, 1677; d. May 24, 1677.

29. John5, b. July 15, 1678; m. Mary Onion, of Dedham. 

Esther5, b. Feb. 27, 1681-82; m. Captain Daniel Fisher, 3d
(63), Nov. 25, 1703.

30. Sarah5  b. Nov. 5, 1685 ; m. Samuel Fuller, Feb. 10, 1706.

31. Mary5, b. July 24, 1687; m. Jeremiah Deane, Jan. 26, 1711. 

Anna5, b. March 25, 1690; d. single, July 8, 1711.


 The Fisher genealogy: A record of the descendants of Joshua, Anthony, and Cornelius Fisher, of Dedham, Mass., 1630-1640   Massachusetts Pub. Co.,   Everett, Ma.  1898

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