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Continuing with more on my 9x great grandfather Joshua Fisher Jr, Philip A. Fisher quotes from another source with more information:

Roberts' History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company says of him:

"From the Colonial archives of Massachusetts Bay we learn that in 1648 he was appointed lieutenant of the military company in Dedham, and usually after this time he is styled 'Lieutenant,' and when he is not his name is connected with some survey that identifies his individuality. In 1650 he was appointed by the General Court to run the line between Sudbury and Watertown; in 1656 was appointed to lay out Mr. Alcock's land, also Mr. Bradstreet's eight hundred acres; in 1664 the General Court granted him three hundred acres of land for surveying the south line of the patent of Massachusetts Bay, next to Plymouth; in 1666, he settled the controversy between Mr. Z. Gold and Gov. Endicott as to land bounds, and laid out Gov. Endicott's farm on Ipswich River; in 1667 was appointed, with others, to lay out the town of Mendon; also to layout Dedham's eight thousand acres, near Hadley. In 1670, the General Court ordered a further survey of the line between Massachusetts and Plymouth, and Oct. 11, 1670, the bill, forty shillings, of Lieut. Fisher, for doing the same, was paid to his children. The survey was reported to the General Court May 15, 1672, and Lieut. Fisher died in August of that year. From the records of Dorchester, we learn that Lieut. Fisher was employed to run the line between Dedham and Dorchester; in 1670, to run the line from 'Blue Hill' to Plymouth; in 1661, Dorchester paid him for a new map of the town, and in 1670 for a second revised map." ....pp14-15

The Fisher genealogy: A record of the descendants of Joshua, Anthony, and Cornelius Fisher, of Dedham, Mass., 1630-1640   Massachusetts Pub. Co.,   Everett, Ma.  1898

And some how Joshua also fit in the time to provide another valuable service to his fellow citizens of

In ansr to ye request of the selectmen of Dedham, desiring, in regard of theire remotenes from Boston, Left Joshua Fisher might haue liberty to sell some strong waters, to supply yt necessity of such as shall stand in neede thereof in that toune, the Court graunts theire request. [Oct. 19, 1658: Mass. Col. Rec„ IV, Part I, 352.]-p.13

Blacksmithing, surveying, mapmaking, soldiering. and tavern keeping; Joshua Fisher Jr was a man
of many talents!

To be continued...

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