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My 6x great grandfather Thomas Stow married Anne Wetherbee, daughter of John Wetherbee and

The ubiquitous William Richard Cutter had this to say about John Wetherbee in one of his collections
of New England family genealogies:

The surname Wetherbee or Wetherby is of ancient English origin, being derived from the name of a locality. The name is spelled in a great variety of ways in the early records. There is a town of Wetherby in Yorkshire. The seat of the principal family of this name in England has been for some centuries in Norfolk and its coat-of-arms: Vert a chevron ermine between three rams passant argent attired or. This is the only armorial of the Wetherby family of ancient date.

(I) John Wetherbee, immigrant ancestor, was born in the north of England about 1650. He settled first in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in the south part of the town, now the town of Southborough, and later removed to Stow, where he died in 1711. On June 7, 1684, he sold land in Stow to Thomas Ward, and August 22, 1701, he sold to Joseph Doby thirty acres with town rights. On September 20, 1706, he bought of Ruth Wheeler fifty acres of upland and eleven of meadow, and March 4, 1706, he sold land to Jacob Brown. He was called yeoman. His will was dated October 13, 1707, with codicil April 11, 1709. It was proved April 2, 1711. He married first, at Marlborough, September 18, 1072, Mary Howe, born November 18, 1653, died at Stow, June 5, 1684, daughter of John and Mary Howe, of Marlborough. He married second, Lydia Moore.-p1795

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 4  Lewis historical Publishing Company, 1908 - Boston (Mass.)

It took me awhile to complete a list of the Wetherbee children because Cutter indulged in a bit of what
I call "run-on genealogy". That's when instead of listing just a person's children, a writer lists one child, his children, then their children,etc. before moving on to the next child of the original person.
Worse yet,it's all given with no separation in the text, so I had to wade through four pages to find all
nine Wetherbee children. 

Here's the list:

Children with Mary(Howe)Wetherbee
1. Joseph Wetherbee, b. 18 Sep 1672 Marlboro Ma; m. Elizabeth Johnson.
2. John Wetherbee, b. 26 March 1675 Marlboro Ma; m. Catherine Whitcomb
3. Thomas Wetherbee, b. 5 Jan 1678 Sudbury Ma; m. Hannah Woods

Children with Lydia (Moore) Wetherbee:
4. Jonathan Wetherbee, b. in Stowe Ma
5. Ephriam Wetherbee, b. in Stow Ma  m 1)  Elizabeth Hall. 2nd) Joanna Bellows Ma.
6. Mary Wetherbee b abt 1691 in Stow Ma
7. Lydia Wetherbee b abt 1693 in Stow Ma
8. Anne Wetherbee b abt 1695 in Stow Ma
9. David Wetherbee, b. 1696 in Stow Ma

I found  John Wetherbee's probate file on which includes his will and a
codicil. I'll discuss that in a second post.

To be continued...

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