Friday, April 22, 2016


Last weekend I took a roadtrip out to Ohio with my sister Cheryl and brother in law Peter to attend
our Aunt Dot's 90th birthday party. It was a good trip with great weather. We've usually visited out
there in the Summer when it's hotter and tourist season, but in April it was comfortable weather with not much traffic. Also, I did a few things I don't usually do.

We left here on Friday afternoon, stopping overnight in Syracuse after dinner at a Dinosaur Barbecue restaurant (my first time at one of those). The next morning we were up early, taking a
route that would take us to Cleveland before turning south. Along the way I saw Lake Erie from a distance and miles and miles of vineyards. We stopped for lunch at a Mideastern food restaurant in Erie, Pa. It was the first time I'd eaten Mideastern cuisine and I liked it.(But then again, I ordered the least spiciest food on the menu. )

We arrived in Dover, Ohio Saturday night and we ate dinner at an old schoolhouse that had been converted into a wine bar. It was small but had a very good three man band I enjoyed listening to
while we ate our pizza.

Sunday we went to the nearby town of Midvale, Ohio to Aunt Dot's party. Although I took photos many were blurred because people kept moving around. Here's one of Aunt Dot with some of those moving people:

One of the nice things about the party was that Cheryl and I saw two cousins we hadn't seen in years, Terry and Marion, daughters of our Aunt Flossie. Here's the best picture I took of Aunt Dot, sitting with

The party was in the afternoon, with a cookout that night at my cousin Diana and her husband Gary's house. And unbelievably I didn't take any pictures at all there, because I was too busy eating and talking with Dot and all the cousins! Massive fail on my part.

To be continued....

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