Friday, April 29, 2016


Here's the Findmypast Friday record collection additions for 29April:

New additions from the UK, Ireland and the Boer War feature in this week's Findmypast Friday.

Over 163,000 new records from churches right across Dorset have been added to our collection of British parish records along with significant updates to our collection of historic Irish newspapers.

This week we're bringing you over 691,000 new records and newspaper articles including:

Irish Newspapers
More than 525,000 fully searchable articles and one brand new title from Northern Ireland have been added to the ever-growing collection. See what's new on the blog »

Anglo-Boer War Records, 1899-1902
Find out if your ancestor served in the Anglo-Boer War with over 2,500 new records that reveal their rank, regiment, service number, the awards they received and whether they were killed or wounded in the line of duty. Service history uncovered »

Dorset Baptisms
We've added over 68,000 new baptism records from churches across the English county of Dorset. Our Dorset marriages and burials have also been supplemented. Does your tree have roots in Dorset? »

Coming soon
We have some major new additions from the US and Canada up our sleeves, so be on the lookout for an exciting announcement in the coming weeks.
Jen Baldwin

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Findmypast Ambassador Program which includes a
complimentary one year world subscription to Findmypast and a Findmypast First membership.

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