Saturday, February 20, 2016


At the end of January I wrote a blogpost about one of my brickwalls, my Dad's maternal 3x great
grandfather, Stephen Moore. Thanks to a tip from Elizabeth Handler, I was able to break down
that wall, and I've been making more discoveries about the Moores and related families over the past few weeks. Here's a relationship chart tracing the relationship between my maternal grandmother Cora
Berthella Barker and her earliest Moore ancestor so far:

There are three new families added to my family tree on this chart, (Smith, Fairbanks & Whitcomb)
and one family name I knew, Willard, but from Dad's paternal side of his family. I remembered
seeing the Fairbanks name associated with my Willard and Sawyer ancestors on that paternal side as
he early settlers of Lancaster and Harvard, Ma. Now it turns out my grandmother had ancestors among those settlers too.

The furthest back I have on my grandmother's Moore line now is John Moore and Anna Smith through their son John Jr. who married Hazadiah Fairbanks. Another son, Jonathan, had married Hannah Sawyer and are my grandfather's ancestors through the Houghton line. Here's that line of descent:

I now know my grandparents were Moore 7th cousins 1x removed.

But there are more new ancestors added to my tree, and next I'll discuss the Whitcombs

To be continued...

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