Friday, February 26, 2016


Once I started researching the hint Elizabeth Handler gave me it was like peeling off layers of skin from an onion. I found vital records, town histories, and family genealogies that led back to earlier generations and immigrant ancestors. Best of all were the Middlesex County, Ma. Probate Files on the website where I found the following: 

Moore Family
9x great grandfather John Moore 1672
8x great grandfather John Moore 1702

White Family
9x great grandfatherJohn White 1673
7x great grandfatherJohn White 1725
8x great grandfather Josiah White

Whitcomb Family
7x great grandfather David Whitcomb
9x great grandfather John Whitcomb
8x great grandfather Josiah Whitcomb

Fairbanks Family
8x great grandfather Jonas Fairbanks

Wilder family
8x great grandfather Nathaniel Wilder

Hayward Family
8x great grandfather Joseph Hayward

11 new Probate Files so far! I'm hoping to find more when FamilySearch adds to its Worcester County, Ma. files.

And the discoveries I've made about the Moores and associated families helped me take down a brickwall in the line that is my next subject for the 2016 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks series.

That will be discussed in another post.

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Elizabeth Handler said...

I'm glad I could help you break down this brick wall! Sometimes research just needs a second set of eyes. Now if someone could help me find the parents of Susan Rood Chapin...