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Genealogy of the descendants of  Edward Colburn/Coburn  p29

I mentioned in an earlier post that Caleb Coburn's guardian Timothy Coburn had a servant
who was a subject of some family stores. Here is the story of Dinah: 

During this period slaves were owned in the state, and Mr.
Cobum needing assistance in his large family bought, in Boston,
a young negress called Dinah. She was brought to Dracut by
him on horseback, and was always known as "Dinah Tim."

She always remained with the family, and at her death was
supposed to be nearly 100 years old. Provision was made for
her support by Mr. Coburn, who appreciated her devotion to
the family. Naturally, her reasoning powers were limited. When
quite old and unable to work, the daughters of the family were
one day preparing to weave some checked cloth for aprons.
Dinah requested them to weave some for her. Upon inquiry
as to the use she could make of it, she said she wanted it to use
when she picked beans. "But where," they said, "will you pick
beans?" "In Heaven," she answered. At another time she was
seen sticking pine needles in the ground, giving as a reason, that
they would grow and be pine trees. Upon Mr. Coburn's telling
her they would not grow, she said, "Have faith, sonny, have faith." 

-page 29

Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Colburn/Coburn  privately printed by Walter
Coburn, Lowell, Ma. 1913.

I checked the death records for Dracut, Dunstable, Chelmsford, and Tyngsboro. I discovered Dinah Coburn listed among the Negroes in Tyngsboro and that she died on 14Mar, 1819. 

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