Sunday, September 06, 2015


I had discovered two names for Caleb Coburn's wife in the Land Sale documents: Martha and
Patty. I believe they are the same woman since Patty was a nickname for Martha in colonial
times. But even if they were two different women, I'm fairly certain that Martha was the mother
of Caleb's son, my 4x great grandfather Moses Coburn. When Moses filed for a Revolutionary
War Pension in 1818, he gave his age as 53, which means he was born around 1765. If "Patty "
was a second wife she had married Caleb far too late to be Moses' mother.

The other reason I believe Martha was the name of Caleb's wife is this entry in the Coburn genealogy
for his son Moses' family:

P99 Genealogy of the descendants of Edward Colburn/Coburn

Looking at it, I believe you can see the naming pattern: two children named for Esther's
parents Lot Spaulding and Esther Butterfield, and two named for Caleb's parents Caleb
and Martha.

There still remains the question of Martha's maiden name. Could the answer be found in
who Caleb's siblings married? Older brother Moses married Elizabeth Peabody and then
Hannah Burpee; younger brother Abiel married Mary Butterfield, another link to the Butterfield
family; and sister Deborah married William Frye. I need to do further research on whether Caleb's
other sisters ever married. Hopefully I can find a link between Martha and Caleb's in-laws.

But for the moment, at least I'm fairly certain Caleb's wife was named Martha!

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