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Continuing with my Coburn family ancestors, the subject for Week 31 of the 52 Ancestors in
52 Weeks Challenge is my 6x great grandfather Moses Coburn.

Moses is the first in the family to be a bit of a mystery. There's not much about him in the Colburne genealogy, just the vital records for his birth, marriage and death, and the names and dates for his children. What is interesting is he is the first ancestor I had encountered who had married a stepsister.

Here's what I found in Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Colburn/Coburn by George A. Gordon and Silas R Coburn:

Moses(2) Coburn (Joseph2, Edward1) was born in Dracut on Jan.1, 1702, and died June 5, 1742;
married July 7, 1730, dau.of Joseph and Deborah (Stevens)Wright who was born 1702. The
widow married Deacon Edward Coburn; published Nov.7, 1744
i. Phebe, b. April 12, 1731
ii. Deborah, b.Dec.7, 1733; d.Oct 13, 1823; m. William Frye of Andover, Nov.17, 1769.
iii. Moses, b.July 13, 1735
iv. Moses, b. June 7, 1732; d. Jan.22. 1733.
v. Jerusha, b.Feb. 27, 1736; m. Abram Tyler.
vi. Caleb, b.12 Dec 1738.
vii.Mary, b.1740.
viii. Abiel, b.Dec. 9, 1742.  

Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Colburn/Coburn  privately printed by Walter
Coburn, Lowell, Ma. 1913.

There's no mention of cause of death or place of death. It must have been for Deborah, widowed
after only ten years marriage. with possibly as many as seven young children,the youngest of whom
had been born after Moses' death. To make matters worse, Moses had died intestate.

I'll discuss his probate file in the next post in the series. 

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