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I found Edward Colbourne's entry in the Great Migration book recently on American and it was very helpful verifying some of the information I had already
and in some cases, correcting it. As a result of what I read I've changed the name of
Edward's wife in my database from "Hannah Rolfe" to just "Hannah", since it now seems
there was some confusion with his son Thomas's wife "Hannah Rouf". 

The exact birth dates of Edward's first six children are unknown, probably because of records
being destroyed in the Indian wars.  The information below is from The Great Migration,

His nine children were:

John (1645?1695)-  married Susannah Read in Chelmsford, Ma. in March 1672 

Robert (1646?-1701)- married Mary Bishop at Chelmsford around 1670

Thomas (1648?-1728)- married (1) Hannah Rouf 6Aug 1672 (2) Mary Richardson 17Nov 1671.
Both marriages were at Chelmsford.

Edward (1651?-1675)- killed by Indians at Brookfield Ma, 2Aug 1675

Daniel (1654?-1712)- married Sarah Blood 18Jun 1683 at Chelmsford

Hannah (1656? )- married (1) Thomas Richardson 28Sep 1682 at Chelmsford (2) John Wright

Ezra (1658-1739)-  married Hannah Varnum 22Nov 1681 at Chelmsford

Joseph (1661-1733)- married. Hannah (Last Name Unknown) before 1684  at Chelmsford (2)   widow Deborah Wright 1722

Lydia (1666)- married  John Walker by 1686

The Great Migration entry  made me aware of a connection between another of my ancestors
and Edward's family. August 3rd of this year was the 340th anniversary of my 9x great grandfather's Simon Willard's ride with his troops to help the town of Brookfield Ma. repel an Indian attack.
He arrived too late to save Edward Colbourne Jr. who had been killed the day before. Seven
years later in 1675, Daniel Colbourne married Sarah Blood, one of Simon Willard's granddaughters.  Since Simon was in charge of the defense of many of the frontier towns during King Philip's War,
he had contact with the Colbourne family which probably led to the closer ties between the
Willards and Colbournes.

Joseph Colburn will be the subject of the next entry in the 52 Ancestors series.

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