Friday, July 10, 2015

52 ANCESTORS IN 52 WEEKS 2015 WEEK 26: JOHN HAWKES 1690-1738 PT2

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Hawkes family line used the first names Adam and John
for several generations.  They were also used in the collateral lines as well, and it caused me a bit
of confusion between my ancestor John Hawkes, son of Adam Hawkes, and his cousin John
Hawkes, son of Moses Hawkes. For one thing, the death date I had for my ancestor was wrong,
it was the date for his cousin's death. I only realized this recently when I was looking at the Probate
File I downloaded for John Hawkes and realized the names of the widow and children were different from my database. I've now removed that date, 20Oct 1748 from my database and will remove it
from my online trees.

I double-checked the documents I had for the Hawkes family and looking at the Hawkes
descent from Isaac Allerton I noticed it said my John Hawkes' Probate Record was dated
11Sep 1738.  How had I missed that before? So I went to the American
page for the Essex County, Ma: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881 and ran a search for the
file just now,  and I found it!

All 52 pages.

It's nearly 2am as I type this, and I am not going to start downloading the file tonight. I did do
a quick scan and the names of the widow and children match up to what I have in my database,
so I am pretty sure I have the right John Hawkes. I've bookmarked the web address
for the file and will download it tomorrow.

To be continued...

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